Taking the Stress Out of Selling

There was a time when baking cookies before an open house was the way to attract buyer and create a “homey” feeling in the house. At least that was the conventional mythology of the time. Though the smell of fresh baked cookies is something I could appreciate, there is a lot more involved in selling a house.

Let me break down the selling process into 6 steps that you would go through with me for what would lead you to the best outcome – top dollar for your home.


You may be tempted to get started on your own, but it would be a good idea to seek out a real estate expert right away and build a strategy. I am deeply connected with this city’s market, and I understand the current and ever-changing conditions of the real estate market.


Evaluate the value of your home based on neighborhood sales and review marketing strategies that have worked and that have failed. My goal is to dig down to the details of your home and discover what is really important to you and what will be the best approach to market your home. We’ll determine when is the best time to sell and what is the best strategy for your property.


No home is ready for the market without some preparation. I have a list of proven professionals and home specialists to help you stage, clean, design, de-personalize and do minor repairs for your home.


Leveraging the right possibilities for the sale of your home is essential. I strongly believe that the buyer for your home could come from many sources. I expose your property to a network of highly qualified buyers and a database of local, national, and international realtors. I effectively advertise and promote your property in various mediums: print, the Internet, social networking, and simple and traditional word-of-mouth.


My strategic negotiation skills are critical to you securing the highest possible price for your home. At that critical time, I will provide you with all of your options so we can maneuver toward the best deal.


I will be there from start to finish keeping track of the detail and the process organized to save you time and money.