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Crooked Money 1 The Endless War (Final 2022)




The New York Times Bestseller . Reviews "Lacalle is a smart guy and he is remarkably shrewd in his analysis of the corporate policies behind these scandals." — United States Senator Russ Feingold, D-Wisconsin "If you've ever wondered how the giant banks and financial institutions function, how they influence their government regulators, how they almost always get away with fraud, fraud and more fraud, and why it's taken years for the fraud to be revealed, then this book is for you." — Larry Grooms, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) "Gangsters, Corrupt and Illegal. It all started with the manipulation of interest rates on U.S. mortgage securities. This book is a history of the financial crisis. The scandals depicted in the book include those at the heart of the United States' most serious banking crisis since the Great Depression: the manipulation of LIBOR, or London Interbank Offered Rate, the rates banks are required to pay for short-term loans; the $13 billion scam of the "London Whale" at JP Morgan Chase; and the $11 billion hedge fund fraud at MF Global." — Judi Bogle, Author of "The Girls in the Bank: Essays on Sexism and the Corporate World" "The corruption of the Bush administration led to the subprime crisis and the subsequent subprime crash. It was the deregulation of the financial sector that allowed the banks to pump and dump toxic mortgages into the American housing market. The current government cover-up of the crimes of the bankers and the corruption of the bailout is worse than the original crime. This book chronicles the history of the subprime mortgage collapse and the people and institutions responsible." — Warren Buffet, Warren Buffett and Howard Buffett, The New York Times Bestseller "This book reads like a thriller. In its pages the reader is taken on a tour through the chaos of the subprime mortgage meltdown, the machinations of large investment banks, the machinations of government regulatory agencies, the machinations of political power, the machinations of the media, the machinations of a black box known as the SEC, the machinations of a white house, and the machinations of a Congress filled with people who fear to question the motivations of those who create their livelihood." — Wired Magazine "Lacalle breaks down the recent financial crisis, detailing the details of what happened




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Crooked Money 1 The Endless War (Final 2022)

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